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Many computer users have the incorrect perception that computers are just a bunch of components put together and that they are all, more or less, the same. 

While mass-manufactured brands have continued to drive the price of their systems down, the result has been a compromise on the quality of the components in the computer.  Most users will look at the CPU, RAM and hard drive as the only basis for comparison.  These are important parts of a computer system, but it would be imprudent to look beyond the power supply, motherboard and chassis.  Manufacturers have become notorious for limiting upgradability and skimping on quality in these areas. 

Personalized Computers uses only the best components.  This will give you better performance, more upgradability and a lower failure rate relative to the offerings from Dell, HP, etc… 

Most importantly, desktop computers from Personalized Computers come with local support and service.  There is never a need to ship your computer anywhere or talk to a script-reading customer service representative with a thick accent.  We don’t want to just sell you a computer; we want to be your partner in technology.

Why buy a computer from Personalized Computers?
Better parts - Intel platform, Seagate HDDs, name-brand RAM, etc…
Better service - We're local! What more can I say?
Customized to meet your needs
Customer loyalty discount for service
We aren't just trying to sell you a computer; we expect to sell you computers for the rest of your life! We understand that doing a good job for you now will give us a shot at all of your technology needs today and tomorrow, not to mention the good things you will tell your friends and family about us! Call us "old-fashioned" if you must!
Since all of our computers are custom-built to order, we are not limited to what the tier 1 manufacturers are offering. However, we do find that some standard configurations meet an overwhelming majority of our customers' needs. Our sales people have some standard configuration estimates ready. They are ready to help you choose a configuration and design the upgrades and add-ons as desired. Please do not hesitate to e-mail any questions or call our office for personal assistance in answering any of your questions.