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Personalized Computers has a highly effective and very skilled on site staff that are available to help your every business need. Here are some examples of just how Personalized Computers can help your business, no matter what size your organization is.
Preventative Maintenance Programs
Why do it?
Minimizing downtime and protecting your data are two great reasons to have a computer expert test and update your network regularly. Statistically speaking:
These statistics are not in your favor. The need for preemptive network and PC maintenance has become necessary due to the emergence of new threats in the form of spyware and viruses, security vulnerabilities, as well as more complex requirements for newer and faster equipment. Staying ahead of these potentially catastrophic problems can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and total network failure.
Why Personalized Computers?
Since 1998 we have built a reputation for exemplary service and superior knowledge. Our client base is comprised of professionals from almost every field, including health care, engineering, government, retail, professional services, restaurants, school districts and insurance. We provide full-service support to clients who are just starting out, all the way up to clients with hundreds of computers in a multi-server environment. We also provide project support and consulting for the largest companies in the region. Our experience allows us to add value to any size network, including yours.

How does it work?

Like clockwork! We schedule appointments around your needs, either during the day or on nights & weekends. Our engineer(s) arrive and efficiently cycle through a comprehensive list of maintenance processes. Upon completion, we provide a written report on the health of your network, as well as any recommendations. We also take time to answer your questions and train your staff on any procedures you would like done

Billing for Preventive Maintenance is designed to be fair. We don't believe it is in our customers' best interest to pay us a flat monthly fee to support their network whether we actually come out and work or not. While we would be happy to collect checks every month with little or no effort on our part, we don't see this as an effective way to build trusting, long-term relationships. Instead, we only bill for the hours that we spend working for you. Based on the number of computers in your network, we provide an estimate to help you plan your budget, and then true-up the billing to match the services delivered.

Network Evaluation
What is it?
A detailed look at your network hardware, security, processes and infrastructure for the purpose of documentation, identification of problems, and proposal of appropriate solutions
What does it include?

Detailed report of all computers on network

We run an application on every computer on your network which provides us with a print-out of every detail that you would ever need to know about that computer. This includes, but is not limited to, computer specifications (CPU speed, amount of RAM, hard drive capacity, etc…), software information (operating system details, installed applications, product keys) and BIOS and firmware information. This information will help us to detect possible licensing problems, determine the age of computers and create a replacement schedule for your computers.

Network topographical map

This document will provide you with a map of all the devices and computers on your network. In addition to the convenience of having a single place to find out what hardware you have on your network, the map also includes technical specifications such as IP addresses, user name and password information, contact information for your ISP, domain and hosting information. One of the primary reasons for the creation of this document is that our experience has taught us that there is a list of information that businesses should know and are occasionally asked to identify that business owners rarely have the answers to. This is our way of compiling those hard to find answers to questions in to one easy-to-find location.

Assessment and action plan

Once we have completed the interview process, gathered data on the computer network and created the topographical map, we have all of the tools that are necessary to evaluate the most urgent needs and create an action plan that is customized to your needs. We will prioritize and action plan based on the most urgent items and place less critical items off on a timeline that is discussed with the client. Essentially, we are able to pinpoint vulnerabilities and create a comprehensive solution for the creation of an ideal network environment.

It should be noted that we are yet to find an organization that is doing everything right in their network environment and doubt that we ever will. The goal of this study is to determine what you are doing right and what steps can be taken to achieve total peace of mind with your network. This is one of many ways that Personalized Computers is committed to….deliver peace of mind!

What are my options?
We have three basic plans:

Annual prepay

Benefits: Helps you to determine an annual budget for network support Provides you with the same great level of service, but at a discounted rateProtects you from rate increases until your pre-paid funds have been used in full.

How it works: We estimate the number of hours that we expect to spend during our quarterly maintenance visits based on the number of computers and servers that you have. Your annual fee is determined by the amount of time that our engineers typically need to spend on each server and workstation in order to complete the list of maintenance items. We will be happy to run the numbers and provide you with a quick and easy quote for your annual prepay of preventative quarterly maintenance.

Scheduled quarterly

Benefits: All of the peace of mind that the annual prepay provides, without the discount in the hourly rate.

How it works: We put you on our maintenance schedule and call you each quarter to set up the best time to work on your network. We bill you our current hourly rate for desktop and server/network.

Interview of practices and procedures

Our list of interview questions was carefully selected to address not only the most common security and maintenance aspects of a computer network, but also delves into the processes and procedures that make your infrastructure function as it was intended. For example, having a tape drive for backups is a great idea, but is of little value if your organization does not have a specific individual who is responsible for a documented process of backing up at a given time as well as a procedure for verification of the backups. Many organizations back up their data regularly, but many of them realize too late that their data has become corrupted or the media is defective. Without a data verification process, this is usually discovered when a hard drive has crashed and you are trying to restore from backup. Physical security and disaster recovery is just one of eleven areas that we address in our 84 question interview.

Unscheduled maintenance (a.k.a. "Break/Fix")

Benefits: We can troubleshoot and resolve immediate needs and address any immediate needs to keep your organization running. This is billed at our highest rate.

How it works: We come out and go through the same process that we execute during our other quarterly maintenance, but do not schedule this preventative maintenance every quarter. You would contact us and ask us to schedule this service whenever you want for us to return.