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Unbeatable Security

Ensuring that no one but you can ever access your data is a top priority to us.

Restoration 3X Faster

Files are available the moment you need them.

Block-Level Backup

Once a file has been saved once, our software backs up only changes, down to the block level.

Microsoft Exchange Support

We have developed Exchange Store specifically to manage backup, storage, and restoration of Exchange files.

Retention and Archiving

Rest assured that our online backup is a compliance-ready digital archiving solution.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For documents that change rapidly and need continuous data protection, Set CDP to automatically send changes every 15 minutes.

Flexible Scheduling

Welcome to complete scheduling flexibility. Each backup set can be set to run at any user-defined time, on any user-defined frequency. There are default settings, of course, but every aspect of the schedule is easily configurable.

Technical Specifications
Backup Schedule

Continuous Data Protection





Multiple Schedules

Add-on Modules
Retention Policy



Local Only Backup


Email Archiving

Customizable Retention Rules

Encryption Algorithm



Application OS Platform

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2012

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Windows XP

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SAS 70 Compliance

You can trust your data with our company. Whether itís backing up revisions or restoring your files, your data will be there when you need it. Why are we so sure? Our online backup solution is SAS 70 certified.

What is SAS 70?

SAS 70 is an accounting standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. During an audit, a third-party will evaluate a service organizationís internal controls and security standards. When an independent auditor conducts the review, they verify that the proper operational controls, procedures, and risk assessments are in place.

SAS 70 audits controls over information technology and processes related to sensitive data, such as health information and personally identifiably information. The audit process is ongoing; third-party evaluations are regularly scheduled to ensure continued compliance.

Why is SAS 70 important?

SAS 70 is recognized as one of the most stringent auditing standards for service organizations. A successful audit verification ensures that the company has well-designed and effective controls in place to ensure the accuracy of transactions and privacy of the data being stored and transmitted.

Organizations, which provide services to healthcare companies, are often asked by their clients to have a SAS 70 audit conducted to ensure that an independent party has examined the controls over the processing of sensitive healthcare information.

A SAS 70 certification is used by customers, prospective customers, and investors to gain an understanding of the control environment of outsourcing companies.

Who is certified?

Not all service providers are SAS 70 certified. With our company, you can be assured that your data is both safe and secure now and in the future.

A First in Data Security Law

The nationís most stringent data security law, the Massachusetts Data Protection Regulation (MA 201 CMR 17), is now in effect. For the first time ever, a government body has mandated the use of a specific technology to enforce privacy regulations. Massachusetts (along with Nevada, who recently passed a similar law) requires that businesses encrypt all the transmitted, personally identifiable information (PII) of their customers.

Not only does this law apply to Massachusetts businesses; it applies to any firm conducting business with any resident of Massachusetts, including third-party vendors. In effect, any company who wants to sell anything to a resident of the nationís 13th largest economy must adopt these measures.

Largest Data Breach in History

These new regulations are being ushered in on the heels of the most significant data breach in history. In 2007, TJX Companies, based in Framingham, Mass., announced a data breach in which hackers exposed at least 45.7 million credit and debit card holders to identity fraud.

TJX has since settled a number of lawsuits and agreed to implement tighter security and obtain independent audits every other year for 20 years, according to a settlement reached with the Federal Trade Commission.

As a result of this catastrophic data loss, this new law was designed to protect consumers on three fronts:

Beyond Encryption

Yet the Massachusetts law is much more than an encryption mandate. Encryption is only a part of an overall information security plan that businesses must develop. Other computer system requirements include:  secure user authentication protocols, secure access control measures, reasonable monitoring of systems, and up-to-date software.

Beyond system requirements, businesses are also accountable for making sure that their human resources can implement and maintain these programs. Business must: 1) designate one or more employees to maintain the security program, 2) provide ongoing employee training, and 3) develop security policies for employees relating to the storage, access, and transportation of records.

However, according to the Commonwealth, these safeguards should be appropriate to the size of the business, the amount of resources available to that business, and the amount of sensitive data stored. Essentially, the law requires businesses to put forth their "best effort" to ensure certain types of data are protected to the best of their ability.

If a public data breach does occur, the application of this law will hinge on the answer to the question, "Did you do everything within your power to protect this information?" To some extent, this nebulous definition can lead to legal debates of technical possibilities versus financial burden.

The Bottom Line

Though Massachusetts and Nevada are the first states to enact these strict data laws, the rest of the country is not too far behind. Californiaóthe largest state economy in the United Statesóhas enacted a notification law as has Virginia, Iowa, and South Carolina among others. It would behoove businesses across the country who handle PII to prepare as if a nationwide requirement was on the horizon. It makes good business sense to not only secure customersí data to the fullest extent, but companies who are proactive in protecting their customers will retain their loyalty and their business.

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Why use Personalized Computers or PC Backups instead of stand-alone consumer backup solutions?

Most small and medium businesses know that backing up their data is an essential business investment. But they also have to focus on keeping their expenses to a minimum. Online backup can save you thousands on capital and human resources expenses. But there are a lot of different options out there. How do you know which one is the right one for your business?

You might have heard about stand-alone consumer online backup companies. The main difference between those companies and ours is that with them, youíre buying a product that youíll have to manage yourself.

With us, not only are you getting the product, but youíre getting a service as well. Managed online backup adds a lot of value to the basic product. Not only do we implement and set up your companyís online backup, our IT experts are constantly monitoring your systems to make sure that your data is protected at all times.

In the event of a disaster - say your hard drive crashes - youíd have to restore all that data by yourself if youíve been backing up with a stand-alone consumer backup solution. It could take you days (in some cases weeks or months) for you to get all your data back. Your business canít wait that long.

With our solution, youíll have your restored data within a matter of hours. Whatís more, weíll do it for you, so you wonít have to figure out how to run the restoration yourself. Our engineers have direct access to your system, so most times they donít even have to come to your location.

If your organization has strict recovery time objectives, for example, like many dental and medical offices, we provide the option of adding local backup to your contingency plan - a feature that no stand-alone consumer backup solution offers. Having local backup allows your organization to have nearly instantaneous data recovery while having the safety net of offsite backup.

And if you accidentally delete a file, forget it if youíre using a stand-alone consumer backup solution - you wonít ever see that file again. But with our solution, we keep copies of all your deleted files, just in case you need it later. Also, with our solution, you can recover every saved version of each document. Stand-alone consumer backup solution usually set limits on the number of revisions they store.

The choice is yours - cheap online backup thatís clunky to use and may leave your business vulnerable, or our secure, managed backup that will have your data right when you need it.

The choice is yours - cheap online backup thatís clunky to use and may leave your business vulnerable, or our secure, managed backup that will have your data right when you need it.

Computers are the default storage medium for most businesses and virtually all home users. Because portable media is quickly becoming an outdated and expensive method for safeguarding important data it is essential to secure critical business assets and personal information with an easy-to-use, automated, online backup service. Our backup, archiving and recovery service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution and comes equipped with encryption backup tools previously available only to Fortune 500 companies. With an interface designed to be used by anyone in any size organization, this proven technology is user-friendly, reliable, ultra-secure and cost-effective.