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What is PC-NET?


It is a comprehensive, proactive approach to technology management that reduces downtime and mitigates disaster. Constant monitoring allows for instant detection and prompt resolution to any issues.  Our online ticketing system allows you to track the progress of trouble tickets online.

What is disaster recovery?


Disaster recovery is the process that will secure your critical business processes and data in the worst possible scenario. If your network were underwater tomorrow how soon could you be back up and doing business?  A network with a good disaster recovery plan could be running within a couple of hours.  Disaster recovery is useful for less dramatic situations as well. These include common issues like deleted files, crashed hard drives and server failure. What is your plan?

How can I take advantage of PC-NET?


Contact our team at sales@personalized-computers.com or simply call the office at 573-817-2597 to schedule your free network evaluation. That will help us to determine your immediate needs. We will then be able to provide pricing information based on the size and complexity of your network.


Then, focus on doing your job and leave the network to us!

Basic Package
Includes 24 x 7 monitoring of your network and tools to help maximize your existing technology. Great first step toward maximizing your technology investment.
Standard Package
Our Basic Package Plus ... Proactive preventative support of all network devices. This includes security updates, scans, software installations and support through an online ticketing system and helpdesk. This level will maximize productivity and reduce downtime.
Premium Package
Standard Package Plus ... 
The highest level of support you can get. We design and deploy a disaster recovery plan including offsite backups and server images. Also includes unlimited onsite support. Basically, this level is the equivalent to having your own IT staff at a fraction of the cost. 

Why is this better than standard computer maintenance?

Computer networks today differ vastly from just a few years ago. As technology evolves, so do the threats. Any maintenance that is performed on a computer network is better than nothing, but staying on top of current threats requires regular updates, the right tools and a level of expertise to apply those tools. PC-NET provides us (the experts) the necessary tools to keep your network running smoothly.

Why should a network be managed?

One common mistake that we see is when people think that just because their network is running fine without proactive measures, it will continue to run that way.  Most networks (even those which are “running fine”) have hidden threats that collect information or slow down processes.  Our network evaluation will help determine vulnerabilities and together we can develop an action plan to keep things running smoothly.

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