"Personalized Computers is fantastic!  Their products are built exactly to our specs and most importantly they stand behind their work.  Jamie, Paul and the rest of the staff are truly knowledgeable and understand the needs of their clients.  Most importantly, I get the same great level of service whether I'm buying a single video card or 30 high-end workstations.  I highly recommend them!"

               -Robert Simms, Director of I.T., City of Columbia



"We were in a bind and called Personalized Computers over a weekend to help us out.  Even though we were not a client, they responded quickly, developed a plan of attack and completed the work, keeping us informed every step of the way.  Their quick response, apparent knowledge, and definite follow through gave us a high level of confidence.  We are now very satisfied clients!"
               -Julie Clark Walters, Owner, Practice Management Group, L.L.C.
"Your company went the extra mile for us.  The software was already loaded on the computer which saved me a lot of time. In addition, the company sent someone with the computers to help unpack and setup all the computers.  No one left until every computer was setup and running properly. Working with Personalized Computers made my job a lot easier. Thanks!"
              -Gail Ellis, Technology Coordinator, Chadwick Schools
"The staff of Personalized Computers have been an integral component in the success of the technology program in the Macks Creek R-V School District. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and fluent in the language of the trade. They identify with the needs and special concerns unique to the educational technology environment.

Their staff build a great machine, but what brings me back to their shop is service and attention to detail. Each of the machines comes ready to deploy in the classroom, with a Disk Image customized to the software environment of the district. Everything we need is loaded on the machine before we take it out the box… including all my personal administration tools. This service saves me, on average, 1-3 hours per machine in set up time! Personalized Computers has saved me well over 70 hours of mind numbing disc-in, disc-out monotony this year alone.

Trust. Paul and his staff trust me to know what is wrong with my machines. I don't have to waste time convincing a front line phone jockey that I know the difference between a power supply and a CPU. They get me the parts I need ASAP.

Do yourself a favor. Ditch your mega-distributor and keep your money local. These guys deliver their systems personally, take pride in a product built with their own hands, and appreciate my business. Great people, great machines, great service." 
               -Scott Dill, Technology Coordinator, Macks Creek R-V Schools
"Dealing with Personalized Computers has been nothing but a pleasant experience. When we were in the process of placing bids for computer lab PCs, Personalized was the only company to show up on site with different cases so we could actually see and feel the difference between models. Their attention to customer satisfaction was present throughout the entire purchasing, image design, manufacturing, software installation, computer delivery, installation, and follow-up phases.

I personally have never dealt with another company so dedicated to meeting their clients' needs no matter the size of the order or budget."
               -Travis Thornhill, Technology Coordinator, Russelville Schools
"I couldn't recommend Personalized Computers more highly. Alex, and everyone at Personalized Computers were extremely helpful in setting up my office with the hardware that I wanted, as well as working with the software that I use to manage my office functions. In presenting possibilities for my computer needs, They were very thorough, honest, and straightforward about what my options were. Once decided upon, everything was assembled quickly and according to my specifications, and installed with my schedule in mind. Follow-up care and scheduled maintenance has been all that I could ask for. Personalized Computers designs computers with your current needs and future in mind."
               - Bryan G. Foote, DDS, Columbia, Missouri
"You built me a Quad Core workstation running Vista 64 bit Ultimate with a 24” NEC MultiSync LCD last fall. This is the most enjoyable machine I have ever work with. I can rip 2 cd’s at a time while working on other projects. Vista is becoming more stabile every update and AVG Professional is running seamless. This is the first computer, over many years of computing, that I have never called for support. I bought it to work on high end graphics projects and it has exceeded my expectations. The speed at which the computer operates does not just save me hours it saves me days. I can have several high demand programs open at the same time and switch back and forth without a glitch. This computer is just plain fun to work on. Thanks for the good work!"
               - Lance Trager

"Shortly after assuming the responsibilities as CEO/EVP for the Missouri Association of REALTORS® in September 2005, I evaluated all aspects of our operations. One in particular was the IT (Information Technology) department. At that time, we employed one person who was single handedly in charge of every aspect of our main computers, PC's, hardware, software, wiring, data security, etc. You name it, he had it.

 As it usually happens with change of administration, this individual resigned and moved on. So be it. I was now confronted with getting a handle on 100% of this department, which meant finding a replacement, hopefully before any crisis. The ad went out and hundreds of applications came back - most electronically, which is what I requested.

 One resume that caught my attention suggested outsourcing to a company versus hiring an in-house employee. After many interviews with qualified individuals and several meetings with this outside company, I selected "Personalized Computers" to handle my needs. After a security clearance was completed, they were contracted, and it has resulted in one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

 Their professionalism and understanding during our trying times made the transition from a potentially crippling situation into a seamless, uneventful, routine occurrence. Also, if having more for less is important to your budget, then you need to investigate what PC can do for you. We were fortunate at the end of our first 12 months to realize more service at less cost. They were on call at every moment we needed and requested their presence. Their staff never left the job until it was complete and operating to our satisfaction."

               - R. Dennis McClelland, CAE, CMP, ePRO®, RCE, CEO/EVP

                Missouri Association of REALTORS
© Personalized Computers
I have utilized Personalized Computers for a number of years. They provide a quality product that they stand behind. Personalized Computers has always provided service in a timely manor to keep us up and running with minimal down time. In today's world with all of the sensitive data we keep on our computers Personalized can be trusted to keep sensitive data secure while servicing equipment. They are a trusted professional company whom I highly recommend.
               - Andy Anderson
Personalized Computers custom-built a workhorse desktop for me a few years back. It was terrific. Even after several years of new technology, that computer was still the fastest thing around. I also purchased a large order of netbooks through them, when netbooks were new and rare. I was in need of an inexpensive solution for lots of users to have mobile internet access, and their suggestion of purchasing netbooks saved us a lot of money - even over purchasing used/refurbished laptops. Their prices are fair and they provide plenty of information so that wise business decisions can be made. These guys won't let you down.
               - Jason
Personalized Computers has provided our Servers (~10) and our workstations (over 80) for quite a few years. They have always been helpful, honest and knowledgeable on their products. The quailty is outstanding, and has by far exceeded the IBM and Dell products we have replaced. Their local service and parts stock has been a lifesaver. In this economy, keep your money local! You won't be dissapointed.
               - Duane
I've been doing business with Personalized Computers for ~10 years and have always had a great experience. Obviously, they build and fix computers well or they wouldn't still be in business but I think that what I value most when dealing with them is that they are honest with me and don't try to sell me parts/services that I don't need or want. That relationship of trust has kept me a satisfied customer these several years, and is what continues to draw my business their way.
               - Chris