Personalized Computers

Personalized Computers is your source for timely on-site or remote technical support. Using remote software technology, Personalized Computers can act as an outsourced IT department for virtually any organization - minimizing the additional expense of travel - saving you both time and money.

 Our support staff always takes the time to explain, in detail, the best purchase path for our clients. If you're looking for computer hardware, computer services, or accessories, call us!

Looking for more info on Small Business Computer Support?

Look no further!

Are you looking for someone to fulfill a particular technology need, or do you just want to know that your computer person can handle it all? No matter what kind of small business computer support you need, Personalized Computers is here to help! Through the strength of our team and our preferred vendor partners, you can access a full complement of computer services, including:

Services Offered:

         Onsite Service

        PC Net

         PC Backups



         Network Setup & Security

        PC Maintenance

         Virus & Spyware Removal


         PC & Network Security Analysis

        Managed Services






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