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Delivering exceptional IT service since 1998.

Our foundation was built on our integrity and dedication to customer service. We have offered honest and straight forward answers to our clients since day one. We deliver peace of mind.

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Allow us to make your technology work for you to grow your business.

We'll help you spend more time on your clients and growing your business, rather than worrying what technology you need, or how to use it. If you're like most non techie people, you just want it to work. We can help impliment what you need, and make sure that your backed up and protected.
We're not here just for today.

At Personalized Computers, we're dedicated to helping you through all of your growing pains. Helping guide you in making informed decisions that will benefit your business today, tomorrow, and into the future. We want to help you reach your goals, and make educated decisions without the worry of how your technology is going to get you there.

Don't fall for empty promises or an unreliable support company. We understand what it takes to have a long term relationship. We've got your back.
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What is the state of your technology?

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